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Congrid, the Finnish construction quality and safety software provider, launches in the UK

The Congrid mobile app presents new levels of straightforwardness and correspondence for safety and quality on development ventures and conveys zero-defect structures to clients.As of now the market chief in Finland, with 60% yearly income development and the majority of the nation's real construction firms utilizing its stage, including WSP, YIT, NCC, and PEAB, Congrid is presently focusing on the UK. Congrid's cloud-based app is aimed at project managers and quality managers at construction companies involved in various projects, including housing, offices, hospitals and schools.Timo Makkonen, CEO of Congrid remarked:?We aim to bring our expertise and knowledge to the UK market and introduce new, smarter ways of working relating to safety and quality in construction. Our approach offers the UK construction industry a better understanding of what has been built and how.?The entire industry needs to change its mindset towards quality - quality is everyone?s business. Our software enables all stakeholders involved to participate and take responsibility for quality and safety. What we?ve experienced is that quality has become far more of a priority and users are looking for peace of mind, to better manage how a building is built and have a record to demonstrate this.?Intended to reduce the business' dependence on manual, paper-put together work processes by digitizing with respect to site venture management and documentation, workers use Congrid on smartphones or tablets, to oversee safety and quality investigations, archive deformities and blames and screen the advancement of each work organize progressively, all in the equivalent application.This methodology empowers construction companies to include their temporary worker arrange in the quality affirmation and security the board procedure with no extra expenses. Everything is recorded using detailed site plans allowing for the accurate resolution of any issues and subsequent monitoring to ensure all faults are fixed.Advantages incorporate expanded straightforwardness and better communication between development companies and their contractual workers, improved safety levels, decreased quality costs, zero-imperfection property conveyances and increasingly productive methods for chipping away at site. The data collected allows detailed monitoring and reporting on any issues in need of attention. Future product developments include new data visualisation tools to expand what users can learn from their quality and safety data.Congrid's first UK appointment sees Daniel Hunt become UK territory manager, in charge of leading client securing and contracting further staff in 2019. Officially settled in Finland and Sweden, the UK is the principal nation Congrid is moving into outside of the Nordic area.About CongridCongrid was founded in 2013 by a team of construction site managers who had become frustrated with the use of pen, paper and Excel-files to control the quality and safety of construction sites. Congrid?s cloud-based software offers users one platform to handle quality and safety management on any construction project, reducing quality costs, improving safety and maximising site productivity. Customers include major developers, construction firms, contractors and subcontractors in the Nordic region.